Fising vs Fising vs Fising

Which fising fan are you?
Fising Dimension 1:
Smort Fising Picture:
Weapon: Imaginary Shocker 5 volt of power
Demage: 30
Defense: 1
Hp: 100
Intelligence: 9 million
Fising Dimension 2:
Fiking (Fising But In Viking Name):
Weapon: stick with sharp rock
Demage: 100
Defense: 50
Hp: 200
Intelligence: 0
Or fising Dimension 3
Freeman Fising:
Demage: 35
Defense: 35
Hp: 135
Intelligence: 80
Choose ur fising!


I am all of them :pray:

Half freeman half smort fising.

cant you need to chose o n e

Freeman then


cuz yes (characters)

But I want all of them

but i said no. Cuz yes

I choose all of them.

one of them. (20 characters)

Wouldn’t smort fiser shock everything else fishing that way?.. (almost had a stroke typing that)

All 3 of them.

ask smort Fising not me

All 1 of them. (20chracter)

Shock lake, catch every fish. No wonder he has 9 million iq

but with a power of 5 volt is not even close to shock an bird

I choose your fat mother :joy::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:

ok Mom. Whatever u say

Am I the only one who has no clue what any of this means?