Fix for Clover event faster spawn

To actually make as own to last part of item takes 14h / day to reach last reward.
Currently best spawn rate been 3 / hour , then been 3 hours for 1 spawn.
Seems too random Spawn timer, currently rich players are hoarding Clovers make item to become legendary rare.
So 50 % speed spawn boost would be good for event.

Hoarding isn’t an issue with clovers because they spawn somewhat regularly. Even if, once the event is over, they do get hoarded, then they’ll come back for the St. Patrick’s event next year anyway…

I do agree that the spawn rate should be tweaked though. I preferred the way it was last year, where you were almost guaranteed to encounter them once each hour if you lurked in the right worlds.

I feel that the reduced spawn rate this year, combined with the increased amount of clovers required for the questline has made the event quite unfair, and I’m hoping that they don’t mess up the summer event in the same way.

Jake himself said they x2 the time of pots going to spawn to worlds.
and also, since its based on waiting (just like finding one butterfly). i dont think this is needed.

the spawn rate is more than fair in my opinion

Do you mean ice cream?

it also applies for egg easter and todays pots. but the difference is theyre very easy to break,.

Just need Double it… would prevent somewhat hoarding and would split more even Items accross players

Yeah, I have the same opinion on this

Hmmm, I think it would be better if at least wasn’t that random.
Maybe when a world haven’t had a single event in the last X hours, the system will guarantee that world to have an event after 1 minute past that hour. [Pity System]

Perhaps, this or other ideas could be implement for next year’s St. Patrick’s Day Event.

Watch how they manipulate Cloverleaf price and yeah keep price up preventing people normal players due instant buy and instant resell army. :smiley:
Double + Double just