For Rare / Unique items DB

For Unique, rare , legendary items add DB : showing how many are in game make players see real value lot easier.

they would drop in price then

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Yes and some would increase it would show about real so hoarding wouldnt be so much win.
*still special good gear set would be wanted and it will balance prices that way too.

Yea. Just imagine this to show how many drac cape there is in game… Same for other hard to find items.

The price of the object will instantly lose millions of bytes / 80% of its value.

That allways depends on how many are wanting.

Imagine this for a said “1 in game item” like the red glasses.

If people find that there is actually more like 3 in game, the price will insanely drop

Adding this feature would mislead a lot of players, for example if it said that there were 30 dracula capes in the game, then the price would drop drastically, even though only 6 dracula capes would be circulating in the game, the rest are owned by people who have quitted the game or are in banned accounts.


so u would be sure it would affect … that it wouldnt be so wanted ?

I believe there is more drac cape but it’s just that people who own it, hide them or don’t say they own it.

I’m sure there is like 15 left that are still circulating

I just came up with random numbers

Ahh okay… i didn’t noticed the rest of the message was also a part of the example.


Do u realise there is always wanted items with keeping prices up even still after being 10000s of those ?
Few of those are here : Jet packs, Laser swords, Eyes whole lot different, and tons of hairs , Masks, Wings. they keep their value and arent related much about how many are in game.

Those are not limited…

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and what then why limited would be crashing with price if there is hoarded and only few possible see in PWE rarely . ?

  • Sees item amount in game but wouldnt see who are owners of items.

Sorry, I’m having troubles understanding you. Can you explain yourself more clearly?

As basicly said above, shows item amount in game. doesn’t show who are owners of items.
I dont think number of items would be effecting so much its still wanted even if item amount goes high.
It just would balance.
Next major thing would be if anyone is able to Dube items it would show instantly to all.

It would affect a lot. I have a really good example in mind. I’ll use the item bunny tail as the example item. It used to be around 20 pls, but for some reason it dropped below 10 pls very recently, but let’s just pretend it’s still 20 pls. The reason it’s worth that much is because people estimate that there are only 50 bunny tails in the game and less than half of them are circulating in the game. Now imagine we found out about the truth, there would actually be 200 bunny tails in the game. The price would probably go from 20 pls to like 3-5 pls. The sole reason why it was expensive in the first place would because people thought it was way rarer than it actually is.

question would u benefit from price rising or lowering ?
Number is someway known allready with items hunch. i still say its not main thing how many that there is , but how wanted item is.

  • if in sale is 1 , i wont add more myself if someone wants to buy they will buy

There is a huge difference between items in the game and items actually being actively bought and sold in the economy at this moment.