Forgot my password, no verified email, but I kinda have proof I own it?

So after a few maybe years, I wanted to start a fresh new account in my new device. So I created it. After a few days of playing I suddenly remember my old account, which is the name of my username in forums. I tried logging in with the password I noted in one of my password journal but it didn’t work. So I checked my password keychain in my device and it still didn’t work. I tried other passwords I usually do consisting of 69 numbers but it didn’t work. So…. Is there any way I can log into my account? ( No verified email because I didn’t see it as a big priority at that time ). | So I have NO verified email in game, only in forums I have email. wat do I do


Did you buy anything with real money in the game? If not, your account cannot be recovered.

I’m a solid F2P Player in pixel worlds :frowning:

Then R.I.P. unless you can login into your account via the password, there’s no way you’re getting your account back. Sorry!

Where did you get that? Just because you didn’t pay money doesn’t mean that you 100% will NEVER get your account back. All it takes is to contact an admin/mod on discord. Buying something gives you a higher chance for your account to be recovered. On a sidenote though, you are pretty screwed though, since the chances are low you will actually be helped.

I have never heard of a person without an IAP purchase or recovery email get their account back

But I always did hear it was impossible

Celicos and Ondrashrek are right.
Buying an IAP gives you a one time receipt on your email, the receipt is unique and is only sent once to the gmail assigned.

Where can i find the IAP for my old account?

IAP is the only way to verify that you owned that account, because not much peoples do IAP then it will be easier for admins to find your account and recover it.

If you think about it, how much ppls lost their account everyday

It’ll generally be sent on the email assigned to your credit card.

If that was the case i would still own my account called “desti”

Simply having evidence that you owned the account should do it, like one of your passwords if you changed it or a video of you using it before losing your account.

Now now, very good idea.
Time to ask my friends for their IP and a footage of them playing for FUN. Oh I need their old password too, no problem! I am gonna say “it’s just your old password, there’s no harm buddy.” Ez.
(Gonna 'pload that on TikTok.)

It worked for me once. It takes a while though. For me, 2 years just an get account back, the account isnt PW related though.