Forgotten email

Hello, I’ve forgotten my gmail for my account, i want some help to figure what was my gmail or maybe there is a chance that a moderator someone can find it.

You shouldn’t need your email to log in to your account as long as you have your username and password set.

If you forgot your password and are unsure where the password recovery form is being sent, then you can email your username and a screenshot of a previous in app purchase to confirm your identity and ask how to proceed.

Be aware that if a user can’t do this PW can’t (and shouldn’t) help. The simple reason being you could be anyone trying to scam a users password.

I’ve had an issue in the past where I could no longer access my email and, like parappa said, if you can show screenshot proof of any IAPs you’ve made via iTunes/play store/steam purchase history then they’ll help you change the email associated with your account. If you haven’t made and IAPs then there’s nothing they can do, as it’s the only real way to verify someone’s identity (as each payment has a unique ID that they can check to link back to your account)