[FORUM GAME] 3 word story

Yes it is meant to be a thread that will keep on going.

(Continuing on):

…that is made…

In the factory

It has some gaps tho, there are several times when no one replied for few days

that won’t ever

…explode unless you…

@SEAF mh

… vent very sussly…

through the portal

Just thought it’ll be wonderful to combine all of the replies that are a part of the game as a tribute since it seems this thread died out…how sad.

Anyways enjoy this quite oddly story:

Once there was a poor scammer who scammed a pancake from the house of Jake and I murdered the alive clock a jam jar with chopsticks from the Krusty Krab and they jump to a spaceship zooming through space while Chewie ate someone’s hair eyes, mouth, nose and enjoyed it‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ with some extra dead turtles with some melted chocolate milkshake whilst waiting I murdered milkshake.

For a bus what was almost an incredible thing happened to me when i ate the bus driver who ate the fat bug turkey ate bus passenger locked him up into cage, in the savannas and feed him with rotten cockroaches that made him ill and experience trauma so he became salty named byrnejack and questioned everyone and farted loudly and died next to MiddleUp’s hosue in Fazeus’s yard but reincarnated as a supreme god who ate lot of huge pizzas but then later he met god then promoted him and demoted him to a semi-god aka Community Manager and demoted to a huge noob then to nothingness consumes him and throws him down to the pits where he waited for turtle cuisine and cried for his dead mother named Blackwight, a green guy with great turtle artist who was in a huge whole process of getting eaten by ghustie and then he blew inside ghustie after that he had to teach the fat snail to kill the idiotic square headed small brain idiot who was very unable to speak the language of old western pixelish and couldn’t go because thread closed ok so yes and drinked milo everyday and then until I die I will eat Dev’s pet butterfly after that i I have dirt and cocaine bricks which i threw inside Commander_K helmet after he wanted some supportives of noob community then nub ddosed forums and asked for attention from everyone, he got banned from the game because attention seeker are not wanted in jackbyrne’s library but jackbyrne is a jojo reference because he is Dio’s za warudo but not really a good person BECAUSE HE IS soon going to rest in peace but after that he wanted to steal Seaf’s precious poop sack that his sensei, endless needed back for his bad crime then he tried to go to heaven, but saddly he fell from God’s left shoulder into apoov’s cauldron but suddently, someone used a comma then Mario jumped over a large mushroom but he tripped over a roasting level10000000 jackbyrne who told him to reject humanity because that is God’s worst mistake except for choosing the right car is currently haunted by a cookie and that cookie wanted to get extremely overweight in sugar and eggs with chocolate chips what were never and the END! But actually it wasn’t the end but ended already but it actually still wasn’t the end because this annoying kid called Orangehairguy refused to stop the cycle and start the game again because banned he will he’s really really going to say i am dumb!

Once upon a time there was a little ogre who ate his own father after he lost nothing then rejected ogrety and sold his own nuclear missles what were leaking radioactive noob soil radioactive noobs appeared and destroyed the santa god’s god and I died because Seaf’s actions is closing threads but he dead because of homework which is extremely tedious and hard but then suddently santa chewed the gorilla that flips many large pancakes with strawberries and Apple’s.

He wanted much more because he wanted to die right now because guacamole ate the cringe dog and the cringe because a virus and greenwolfe got orange hair, but he stole it from a random guy that licked his ice cream and then cries for help because his mother was a russian troll that eats developpers very very big Commandersk’s and very hungry and needs ten noobs to destroy a country containing all the hazardous to the insurgencies that Lokalapsi delivered from this dead thread which was revived from the mighty eagle who brings big eggs to… and i kill and i destroy Applejack’s kingdom will go to hell because it’s so hot in his nether that piglins… super mario bros and ugly princess tried to show the huge huge huge huge huge thin thin thin even more huger like a giant moderator who ate a humongous, colossal wich was bigger that a person’s old crappy house on PW headquarters but it’s actually just a huge mouldy bottle of human organs and rusty old nails.
I wonder how stinky socks smell when they are from a wicked chill named mrdeath who is very friendly and ugly.

One busdriver wanted to rob a stupidity poor bank and shoot all… all simped fans of Michael Jackson because he died and go to the huge supermarket to get BEANS and he died and burried because he has coronavirus got discord ban because he said I got banned by Green wolf and kicked from the PW Discord and got accuse of saying loser to pasta jake got cancelled from Green wolf who murdered fazeus’s precious 999.999,999,999 Platinum Locks and Soil from Condu’s pocket, it was abolished with thousands of simps who didnt wanted to buried alive and found the Toe sucking instrument named alphacell and Mrdeath then ate commanderer because he is not Commanderder sorry typing quickly he is Orangehairguy and commanderder, who bought a wh0r3- a whorldlock from Lanosev scammur got what he deserved and that was the story of 3 word story.

It will continue after the break… closing thread now because i am 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖇𝖊𝖘𝖙 𝖕𝖑𝖆𝖞𝖊𝖗 who ever lived a goat anus which mrdeath ate and caused him to have diarrhea for 14hrs straight and he died by pooping in some nuclear waste in Nexed’s Home that fazeus put 𝖆 𝖎𝖙𝖊𝖒 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙… that… that Crazy Dave traded 1 sunflower for his account and got permanently-banned and never wanted to meet Duke and Ralsei Deltarune to eat his 𝖌𝖔𝖑𝖉𝖊𝖓 𝖕𝖔𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖙𝖈𝖍 and it made with close thread in China to DESTROY SERVERS O’CHINA and ends up in my home what had no big fat turkey in a country where nobody could ever find the Hider of the stolen soil block that had power of cloning celics into ducks who edit kurzgesagt videos for 10 hours and eat a minecraft baked potato what is very disturbing force of extremely delicious tomato’s who are very pretty with mustaches that will delete the holy godess and literally everything was a big on their path destroying this thread with their iron based super weapon called “MrDeath” that Made fazeus e p I c while dancing with ionas the biggest human since this thread died because of someone made 413th reply then the 414th almost to 420th poster has died but a part of this topic what is a dead old man who eats old threads like this full of replies with a Rock and i ate a another rock which had power to control rock and open the… the rock again so he could eat a rock what was actually a hardened rock with the name “Dwayne the rock”.

Thompson the brother opened the gates with a rock and the gate became a rock… Rock to Valhala what was a huge huge mistake because it rocks like it should kill all turtles with a rock and Maskedman’s diamond rock who’s name is Bob Ross and the big boss named jc who rich at rock… wheres the rock? Gone reduced to Atoms by Thanock and the universe rocks.

I bought a very old mango for all people who need apples what were also From Uranus’s core ㄒ卄卂ㄒ 卄乇 丨丂 (that he is) a very greedy boy who loves secretly reading mangas what are actually a potato dictionary with a bit with a new big turkey from a place called shiny turkey town which was very much going to tremendously change the Pixel worlds health by transmitting a message to super girl by accessing the secret mansion killing this topic but failling because it’s a boring game until updates come and revive the ultimate suit to destroy TotulPW wit the smash of the suit what was made with ultimate potatoes and potato servers.

I’m a POTATOE who destroyed the lord’s ever biggest French Waffle fries which cost about 7 and half celics that weren’t made of snow but made of a pile of dirt, and not the thread of Greatness and glory what brings us to the nether which spontaneously combusts releasing energy in the huge black hole collapsing under the weight of its own mass with very powerful power of the… the super mega supernova of a galaxy which was abandoned by the space martians, but it has revived the ultimate soul spreading letma plague and it is stage four diabetes which caused the instant death of all my shiny Kurzgesagt plushies which spontaneously combusted because Nexed couldn’t eat his small bag of milk which expired in 24th of april 2021 ending this thread but there something called “Amogus” that game kinda sus and suddenly, someone ate his big chungus mac edition number 34 with more chungus sauce and a couple of derpy idiots which were above the poverty line but owed some Gary food because Gary was hungry man from Hungary with his eggs and chickens what…

A person named Celics that like Kurzgesagt because it’s a very strange kind of food that he likes to eat in his big bathroom in small bath while watching a movie which is very very bad about a puppy committing war crimes so Nexed tried to commit arson with his huge amogus t-shirt which then he went to brazil for Bernard’s cool glasses but unfortunately he broke them apart and then bernard farted for hours because he is a stinky person who eat stinky brazilian cheese bread with some potatoe’s and chopped carrots because he is a very strange about his love that he abandoned because he is the killer jeff Magik his secret of the forgotten ship he punched into the void the void had something else good which was a chance o get a rotten cheeseburger but not only a rotten cheesecake it was something so suprising you found something else! To eat there meanwhile totul was op op gangemstyle attracting kids with baby shark dudusdudud while eating a Mommy shark skin then hunting for Daddy shark skin.

Meanwhile jake was eating his spaggheti while in a amogus convention by the guy nextdoor went outside to go fight cats the flat-earth society has reported that the war has caused a major issue to the flat earth society there wasnt a… a problem until uranis became the biggest thing ever but not bigger then the grand admiral samurai jake which granted someone a giant spear and Peter Parker the Spider Man Pew pew e.

There once lived no new story celics question his existence while i eat my pancake covered with caramela with glass-of milk and my trusty Old rusty nail decided to broke when i was peeing and peeing and sang about molten snowflakes that were eaten by the idiot named Mr death that commited war crimes against orphans that are being executed by dhar mann because they committed war crimes putting milk first before the cereal his name was the almighty god nexed the criminal had commited a serious crime that involves a molten small chicken nugget that he used no BBQ sauce and chicekn strips that are raw and actually quite interesting small peanuts who did a dance that was part of the Pixel Worlds ceremonie for the 700th reply which is now has been ended then began something… something that end that begins with the real ending. The story ends in 10,000 replies when the dragons showered down at 9 am in zelda the game they decided to delete the game to eat the raw cheeseburger couse pizza is worser the cheeseburger is… the cheeseburger was a holy cheeseburger with the gods it controller the… the worlds favorite the one and only John cena can understand the holy taste of the holy goddes named itsmelol and became the biggest hero on Big hero 6 while listening to teacher talking abiut spicy snake water that gives you spider man powers and ketchup powers revived this topic with some swords and some bananas that were donated from the live hungry fat chickens that eviscerated the god of pizza who sacrificed a… a newbie to god who has farted loudly in the morning sky.

I ate my pet fish which likes to eat only the true red snowflake soup and likes to post farm endlessly since he is a cowboy, he went to a trip to Texas where he farted on the mayor’s golden coin that flipped into big hole filled with furry juices what was very feeling was nice because it is a very romantic dinner with a waifu with a little duck which she put lose on her beautiful truck with the golden badge in the krusty krab where sbongybob maked big fat burger without any pickles and then gave her friend a roten tomato what a tremendously weird creature made just Cruel Noobies Scamming now they got the great power of baba booey so i returned to SawBucks with my DVDs and fat dairy cow what were gifts within the next three years of eating strawberry blocks. The Ultimate Power of strawberry summoning only one can eat all the strawberry milk from the strawberry cows from the strawberry potatoe heaven called The FatCow Restraurant where they sell potatoes with faces and radioactive nukes for cheap, but without the cores they are just hollow titanium shells created using titanium ores what were hard to find and too heavy to poop on so the restaurant got shut down and the next gordon ramsay wheres my big onions that i ate at 3 am.

It was five year old kid that was watching show which is rick astley show when Chuck Norris assassinated Rick Astley which caused some international drama about potatoes taking over that caused many fantastic event such as The Great potatoe festival where other vegetables were looking to potatoes to eat a potatoe called big Gigachad fungus mungus potatus potatoe potato a communist who overthrew the govermment by kissing huge smelly duck that loved exosolider because of his big delicious, tasty phallus that didnt exist except it did but the potatoe was really really angry at exosoldiers because he is so much better than soldierexo because he is lukepop in a potatoe while holding some potatoes disguised as a sweet potatoe who licked someones ice cream cone which was actually melted moments before suddenly exo kissed himself by mirro because hes hot and potatoes interferred Azis singing the cheese of wisp that got cancelled because of huge drama surrounding exosoldiers delicious, tasty phallus what was the worlds biggest too eat some stims and drink some tasty furry juice that was apple potatoe mix and a furries juices and potatoe xeo’s furry hairy face that was a skinned wolf face and had a affair with his ex fiancee and exo decided to go away bcause then he didnt but potatoe kicked his butt hard except he didnt but he did no he didnt but he did and exo died in a terrible 14 werewolves accident that ate someone poatoes which were sweet and purple and popping and flushing the toilet because they knew that potatoes come from the toilet where weirdos like to sit while looking at another potato that except he didnt turn his wife upside down because he wasn’t a great plumber like how mario was beaten by potatoes suddenly nobody cared about wolves being not as cool… hungry as a drunk bean flying around the big bush of mullberries to find a way to the bedroom of exo to go to the execution of the pillow what suffocated someone yesterday because it was beebus bubbles radical potatoe beam which was arrested for arson because he was smoking too destroy the orphanage that was actually a adoption center since the kids were cannibals that got cursed by a witch of the one that lives on a tip of an orange mountain which was made of oranges and the next was a mango tree what mangoes dropped from and that caused a great catastrophe half of the exo’s fans died and other half of beebus died and never ever returned their castle because of the Toxic Growtopia Gang that changed the… the whole operation and killed the… the leader of pixel worlds gang what had to eat his bread that caused a earthquake which ended in a catastrophic way that exploded all of NYC in whole state that is made in the factory that won’t ever explode unless you vent very sussly through the portal.

…anddd that’s how that 2 almost 3 years long story ends up!

Even though i haven’t particiapted much into that game, i find those Forums games really nice. Too bad these aren’t a thing anymore these days… but well… hopefully other forums games will emerge soon…

Oh and for those wondering… it took me easily 5hrs to combine all replies (maybe more idk… but it was exhauxting for sure… why did i do this? Guess because nobody did it? :sweat_smile: )


Forum lore combined:


the amount of dedication to copy over three thousand words

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