[Forum GAME] Guess the website!

This is a variation of Dev’s other forum game.
And as such, all of the rules in that thread apply here.

But instead of games, you post screenshots of WEBSITES instead.
One new rule: Do NOT post websites that are NSFW in nature.

Difficulty: 3/10 Easy

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seems pretty hard to me?? ondrashek just because its easy for you doesn’t mean its easy for everyone i bet you this is a wii forum that you think everybody knows about.

or maybe I’m making an absolute idiot of myself and it actually is an easy website.

No, it is an actually known website. I didn’t choose some obscure forum that nobody knows about.


guess this one:

No clue

RuneScape website.

Difficulty 1/10 - Easiest


Guess this one:

Oh that one looks impossible but I’ll hazard a guess at maybe… no that’s ridiculous never mind I can’t believe I could even think of that… but maybe just maybe… one in a million…

Is that the pixel worlds forum?

That really reminds me of this:

Mine was alot easier to guess than the one that Suboliverj submitted, first i thought it’s minecraft on the picture but last week he told it was actually pixelworlds!!! :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face:

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Orange button

Cool drum music when you click start

You always have 1 hand on the mouse and the other somewhere else when you open it

Corn hub. Yes the site corn hub exists. It’s literally about corn, with the one hand you handle the corn you will eat

Yes, correct

Difficulty 6/10

Probably easy but hard also

FutureMe :slight_smile:

Okay guess this
Hint: corndog :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Corndog hub


This is not a screenshot of the website, but the following icons are so iconic that anyone who knows this will guess it instantly.
Difficulty: 4/10 Slightly Easy

FNF? i have no clue


This one is a bit tricky