[FORUM GAME] Make a Pixel Worlds Twist!

Make a twist that sounds crazy that it might be true in pixel worlds! I will start

Twist: Strike frequency fishing gears trick the mind into thinking that the strike will be faster making us relax when it actually does nothing.


the anniversary cakes are a lie, and do not exist as we are currently living inside a simulation. So, what is this simulation hypothesis? The simulation hypothesis or simulation theory is a proposal regarding the nature of existence. The proposal is that all current existence, including the Earth and the rest of the universe, could in fact be an artificial simulation, such as a computer simulation. Some versions rely on the development of a simulated reality, a proposed technology that would be able to convince its inhabitants that the simulation was “real”.

The simulation hypothesis bears a close resemblance to various other skeptical scenarios from throughout the history of philosophy. The hypothesis was popularized in its current form by Nick Bostrom. The suggestion that such a hypothesis is compatible with all of our perceptual experiences is thought to have significant epistemological consequences in the form of philosophical skepticism. Versions of the hypothesis have also been featured in science fiction, appearing as a central plot device in many stories and films. The hypothesis popularized by Bostrom is very disputed, with, for example, theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder calling it pseudoscience[1] and cosmologist George F. R. Ellis stating that “[the hypothesis] is totally impracticable from a technical viewpoint” and that “protagonists seem to have confused science fiction with science. Late night pub discussion is not a viable theory.”[2] A bigger proposal that builds on this idea is that we could be the end of a long stack of simulations.
Oh wait,

oh. ok.
The “lore” we see in game may in fact mean nothing at all, and was just created by the developers to occupy us and play the game longer.

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Titanium Superior gives more gems when compared with Fiberglass Superior if timed.

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If you wait long enough and strike at the correct frame you can get a huge/dring in every catch (this is probably possible but it will require external tools to crack the rng) but external tools are illegal

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90% of the “players” in Pixel Worlds are just alts of Jake and Devs and only 10% are actual players

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Big Billy (Summer NPC) does not actually eat all the ice cream. He gets the ice cream from people doing his quests, and redistributes them via the ice cone statue every hour, making him one of the nicest NPCs in the game.


Haha, kinda thought that about him

Why? (20 characters)

Sam the superhero, breaks his arm on purpose every month. So that way he can have pixelieans fight the most evil villain, the professor. But secretly he works with the professor to kill the pixelieans, steal all their loot, and keep them or use them as prizes to lure more people. After he kills all the strong people, Sam and the professor can take over pixel worlds! This also makes Sam a twist villain.

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The Old man NPC at HANGAR is actually
baron von richthofen ( the red baron). Maybe WW1 occurred in Pixel Worlds long time ago :eyes:

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The leprechaun wants you to give him the clovers for prizes so he is the most luckiest thing in Pixel Worlds. At the same time, as we giveaway our clovers, we get unlucky finding more.

The evil professor actually used to be friends with Sam the hero. He made his costume and gadgets for assistance in fighting. But Sam did not give credit to him therefore he rebelled on him, he turned his gadget prototypes into the technology we fight before we fight the professor.

False. The Red Baron died at the age of 25. Either he survived his plane crash, or that NPC is a clone of him.


The Nether was once a remarkable land for the folks who were in the Not-good-conditions.

Once, was looted and scavenged for the fragments of the Light, and the Dark.

A Necromancy-Priest was wandering this land.

Practicing his works for the corpses once innocent and frightened but the agony.

Now the burdens carried over, will now murder anything who is not once in their place.

Banned people go to nether where they turn into nether mobs
thus then players go to “free” the souls and take them to Jacko, who devours evil souls.
This suggests players are actually a kind of grim reaper, bringing spirits to the afterlife, which may explain why they can respawn.