Forum Memorial Project

Player Access Given? Player Access Given?
1 LittleItaly Yes 18 RetNos Yes
2 Drakkwyr Yes 19 Moree Yes
3 smile70 Yes 20 Mindaw Yes
4 Kaluub Yes 21 mrdeath Yes
5 Mat Yes 22 LarisB Yes
6 Xeo Yes 23 Duke Yes
7 PaRappa Yes 24 Tumppi2 Yes
8 Bluvox Yes 25 Celics Yes
9 InzY Yes 26 Antonis73 Yes
10 Bulina Yes 27 Vaikas Yes
11 Prices Yes 28 Greenwolfe Yes
12 Starfire1174 Yes 29 Georges Yes
13 Commanderder Yes 30 HeyRicky Yes
14 Fazeus Yes 31 PirahSet Yes
15 BPup Yes 32 BernardSeller Yes
16 Blackwight Yes 33 POKERUSS Yes
17 DRUNKHUNTER Yes 34 MoosePW Yes

If you have not gotten back to me for access to your lock please do so. If you have not contacted me by Thursday your spot will likely be handed down to someone more available. I don’t want to do this, so please just message me lol.

Discord: Celli#3371

These are the rooms. You can see which are taken and which are currently still available.

Also a tremendous thank you to @Fazeus for the banner, @smile70 for also offering to make a banner, and @RetNos and @Tumppi2 for helping me construct the world! You guys are epic chads.


I’ll try to attend, and I’m pretty sure I will since the last day of school is that day and I have half day because of graduation. (8th grade onto 9th!)

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Count me in (20 sjsjhshs)

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if you for some reason cannot attend on the actual event day, let me know and we can work out possibly making your room earlier. Later also works, but you could be ineligible for the contest depending on when. If that even bothers you.

Should we dm you on discord to secure the spot?

Yes, but you already have yours lol

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Ohhh okioki thanks (20jdbdhshsh)

honestly if I miss out on the contest I don’t care, I like building and being able to build in this project makes me happy. Another question, can we change our builds and just overall build after the contest?

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I was just wondering, is it perhaps still possible for me to join in? just curious

answer dm

I would like to join too (:

I dont think i can make the28th you can count me out.

Where is my username? I have entered.

Looks like you were removed from the list during the last edit, along with antonis.

Why was my username removed?


Trying my hardest to be there! Hopefully i’ve got a clear schedule lol

Your forum activity and overall conduct make it very clear you don’t actually care about the game/community. Not only that, but you seem to actually despise it, and consistently try to promote negativity and bad vibes around the forums.

If you would like to chat in private I’m available, but as of right now I don’t see how you deserve the spot when there are other players who have genuinely contributed to the forums and community, and would be very happy to have the chance to participate.

Edit to clarify: this is no vendetta against you Ondra. I believe I’ve made it clear that I’m rooting for you to change. But I cannot find a reason to deny someone who is interested in the community for someone who is outspokenly not.


Yes! I don’t plan on removing anyones access after the event. So you’re free to tweak it as you want, Indefinitely

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That’s a shame. I appreciate you letting me know sooner rather than later.