Forum Mystery

This screenshot was taken from my profile.

As it can be seen I was invited by @pancakess. We also can see that my account was created on 14th of December, 2020 - keep it in mind.

And this screenshot was taken from his profile.

Now, look closely. He’s account was created on 15th of August, 2021. I refuse to accept the fact he is my father.

This is why I turn to you guys and gals to help me solve the mystery because I couldn’t.

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Trust me, there is some forums mysteries that nobody have an answer to, like why i was invited by myself.

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Out of topic, I didn’t know that we have a light mode in this forum, i thought i was using the dark mode rn, but when i check it, it was pixel world mode :skull:

being a really og old forum member, my name can create unwordly mysteries, Buzzfeed should cover me.

But realisticly, i don’t know why that is a thing, might be a bug or something.