Forum Name Change Request

Can anyone help? how do i change my name/user

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Maybe DM @Starfire1174 she might can help you to do so.


Oh really? I would like to change my name too so…

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Yep! I can do that for anyone. What would you like it to be? :blush:

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I would like it to be oskukso.

Don’t get your hopes up, pal.

They should get their hopes up. I can do it if the name they want isn’t taken. :smile:

Done, hope you’re satisfied with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! Now i need to wait that i can change my ingame name hehe

Well, that is not possible, at least for now. :laughing:

I know hehe…but i can always wait

Change name feature has been discussed for the past years already and I’m sure it won’t ever be implemented.

Here is an answer from Dev. An ex–developer