[FORUM REMINDER] Forum Discussion

Reminder by Celics
Since i’ve been seeing some more than enough locked threads in a range of about 2 days (Usually I only see 1 per week or less) Please think before posting some sensitive information or others that break the rules, this forum is supposed to be a place for a friendly discussion, so please note that :slight_smile:

Another note : Don’t get to carried away on a debate, you might eventually build up tense and forget your well being, or in other words, just be polite and patient with others, ok?

Not to be disrespectful, but it seems as if if anyone is disrespectful in your thread, then instead of that individual being locked or anything, the whole thread is locked.

Danny I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful you just took it that way and one thing led to another and maybe I was a bit disrespectful and if so I’m sorry for that

Thanks for being a mini-moderator in the forums! (in a good way – i used to do this either)