Free Wiring Help

I really enjoy Wiring and think more players should give it a try. However I see that many players feel confused by Wiring and don’t know where to start, so that they never even try it themselves or give up quickly.
That’s why I would like to help you guys out, if you don’t quite know how to realise what you have been thinking of or come accross some problem. Just reply to this topic and let me know what you have difficulties with and me or maybe even other Forumers can help you out.

I personally would say I am pretty decent at Wiring and probably spent more time on it than most players. My biggest project using Wiring is the world FREETOPLAY, where I built 4 automated minigames that are open 24/7 for anyone to enjoy, feel free to check it out :smile:. I am not the greatest at explaing, but I will try my best!

Note: If I find a solution to your problem, I will reply with it publicly, so anyone who might have a similar problem may not even have to ask for help anymore. I also won’t help with anything Pay to Play related.


Yaaay what a wholesome post. I’m sure everyone is very appreciative of your efforts.


Seems like people don’t need my service at the moment, it’s always open though, so feel free to ask for help!
Also, Bump!


Hire this pro he can wire anything lool

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In case somebody is somehow looking at this topic and was wondering how to do a couple of the things the creator of the topic below was asking for, the reply I made might help:

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just asking if this is still active, no need for wiring rn, but maybe someday and this could be quite helpful.
Ofcourse I can ask my clan leader who’s about as good as gargoyle but, well maybe he’s off etc.

Yes, this is still active! Feel free to ask for help at any time!

Sadly nobody made use of this so far though :confused:


I find ot confusing, because there is no plus and minus or signal. Nothing about any voltage or amperage or recistance either.

I think is way, way too oversimplified for my liking; made for <10yr olds.

It’s not the realism that makes it difficult, it’s a tool to build logic, and that’s not something any 10 year old could do.

Programming doesn’t have any of those neither, but you don’t see preschoolers working at google.

Hmm, since this thread is kinda dead, I might as well give some ideas…

Could you perhaps try recreating that one attack Undyne does in Undertale? Y’know, the one where your soul turns green.
It’s up to you to pick which projectiles you want to use. Eyeball Cannons, Cannonballs, Laser Traps, etc. I’m fine as long as you can play the thing like how you would do in Undertale.

hmm, i might be wrong here but isn’t this game called Pixel worlds meant for kids?

do u know how to do automatic doors?

Could you explain in more detail what you mean by “automated doors”?
Something like Disappearing Blocks that open once you get close, or am I misunderstanding?

I think this should be possible (if I understood the attack correctly from the YouTube video I watched).
Simply use disappearing blocks for that “shield” and have Fireball Trigger Traps shooting from all sides. The only problem I see that it couldn’t be as fast as in the game, so it may not be challenging.

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Make kids learn basics of electricity in a fun way.
The game would look better.

They wouldn’t understand it though because they’re kids.

Wiring is already hard for some people now, it would be more complicated if they reworked it

  • into +, - into -, signal into signal.

Not very hard to make it really easy for kids to understand.

how would you make automatic doors that, once you move close to it, would open?

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Look into the proximity sensor. It activates in a 3x3 area around it when a player comes near. Attach it to a door/disappearing block (use a not gate if needed) and the door will open when you step near the proximity sensor. If you need to use multiple (ie, one on both sides of the door), be sure to use an OR gate. An alternative solution would be using pressure pads, although keep in mind that they may close as you enter the door. To solve that, you’d want to use a signal holder gate.

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