Frequent mining lag

This has been happening for a couple of days now. Me entering mines and breaking blocks for more than 30 seconds, enemies teleport to me instantly and causing huge damage at the start and even killing them takes 30 or more seconds before disappearing, hitting them doesn’t kill them and they follow you inflicting damage to you but not to them. Finishing one session of mining is impossible because of the constant enemy teleportation, lag latency with the blocks and item drops takes time to even pick up. I have compared other game modes and they work fine, no lag and no problems at all and I even played youtube just to cause lag on the other modes but I have experience no problems but when I enter mines, with no other programs that can cause lag, still happens and sometimes just disconnecting me entirely wasting key’s I’ve spent so much hours getting. I wrote this because I just wasted one gold key and tons of silver and it annoys me spending so much hours and just losing it just like that, It would be fine if I died like falling into lava or something but losing it with lag is very frustrating. Sorry for the rant at the end, I’m just salty. I really enjoy mining in this game and I hope this gets fixed

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Your not alone, I’m also experiencing this one since December. I’ve already made a thread about this but the developers are trying to find out why and how did this happened.

Pinging a Developer for more reported cases of mining bug > @Dev

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Also experience this often but i usually just thought of it as an internet issue

My wifi is strong (uses antenna up to our roof). No wifi sign shows up and I instantly leaved the world for no reason.

I made this post right after I saw your thread. Hopefully they find the problem soon or just optimize the servers on mines.

I experience the instant spawn and hit of the enemies and also no no-wiifi sign shows up

True, its very annoying when those green exploding annoying things just instantly come up to you and then just instantly explode draining half your health.

for reference
(In this picture my connection also played a role but what I’m trying to show are the blocks)

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I literally stopped doing mines 2-5, I tried using platkeys till I got this. What a panik.

I dont have problem like that, only lag, but its just my device…

It’s all because of the phone, for example, when I’m playing from an old tablet, the game freezes every 2 minutes. When I’m mining, it’s like there’s lag, but when I switch to another phone, the problem disappears.

Im playing on steam, and I have a decent pc but happens frequently

Coming back after wasting yet another gold key and being disconnected. Logged in and tested on level 1 mines and lag isn’t that bad, still playable and beatable but when I entered level 4, lag’s instantly, blocks breaks after 40 seconds, I didn’t leave spawn then out of nowhere it kick’s me out of the game, really annoying and very frustrating.

We have the same problem too, I have a new pc. Played it on steam and I’m still lagging off.

Spent 15 hours trying to get tons of gold keys and just being wasted because of lag. Makes me sad

It doesn’t teleport me but it does sometimes does take 10+ seconds to mine a crystal

I only have gotten randomly lag while having strong connection like twice in mining (it was during update) and that’s it. Weird that you have it frequently. That’s really weird, reinstall the game maybe that fixes it.

I had the same thing only at during PVP update (or idk when exactly) that the disconnection mark shows up while having strong connecting which doesn’t disconnect soon. It has been fixed since then, maybe reinstall the game.

I encounter this a lot when I’m connected to my 5 GHz WiFi, but it doesn’t lag at all when I’m using the 2.4 GHz WiFi, weird…

Revamping this because it’s still happening and is annoying. The lag usually happens in level 2 mines +