Friend message

So my problem with friend msg’s is that if u don’t have sound miss them pretty often.
Ofc could u just always let the general chat open, but i don’t really like it like that.
Also the general chat arrow starts to glow when someone sends a msg but still u can miss those msg’s pretty often.
Thats why i suggest that when someone sends a msg on top left corner appears like a small tab with the msg in it or atleast it says like ‘‘Friends message recived’’.
What do you guys think?

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That’s a really nice suggestion! Sometimes I tend to miss them when I’m away from keyboard.
Maybe this feature will help me to read the messages, and then reply to them after a while. :smile:


I hope they’ll add this because sometimes my friend uses offline mode LOL.
also try suggesting these at discord too! >

yea this feature would be really helpful for example when ur in a active world a lot of people chat and u can barely even tell if someone messaged u or not (if u have sfx at 0%)

The chat button should glow a bit if there’s a friend message. If it doesn’t, there’s a bug.

yeh he mentioned that i also always miss the glow

it glows up, but then when i go check for any message, and there’s none. i tried to go on another world to check if any message was sent, and none was sent to me.