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I last played this game 2000 days ago. After completing my military service and getting my work in order, I found some free time and decided to start playing again. As a veteran of 2D sandbox games, I noticed several issues within the game upon my return. The game’s economy has collapsed, and items are being duplicated. Honestly, this unfair competition is quite demoralizing for me.

I am writing to ask if your development and server team are doing anything about these issues. For example, implementing a rollback system or making items untradeable until they are fixed could be potential solutions. It seems like these problems are being ignored. Players are constantly discussing the possibility of the game shutting down, and there has been no official communication from X (Twitter) .

If no action is taken to address these issues, the game might become boring, or it could be acquired by a company who can make the game better and pay to earn.

Firstly welcome back.

But in truth this has been the No1 topic on the forum and discord for most of this year.

There is no Dev team as such… the game simply ticks over with new event items and the mountain of stuff to do for newer players.

The dupe loophole has, for now and afaik, been closed. It’s too late to do anything … Many of the items bought and sold over this time have been dupes. A full roll back would have a huge impact on 100’s of players (1000’s??) who have spent real money in the game .

They could attempt to remove obvious dupes (things like the mug mask) and ridiculous numbers of items sat with one player. Imo those with 100’s millions of BC should have it all gone … It would really p1ss off some but imo so what … The game needs a deterrent.

Deterrents are proven to work well. The needs of the many out way the needs of the few and all that …

In reality they don’t have the manpower to do this, nor do I believe the conviction

Allegedly there was a BC billionaire at pixel stn y’day… If real there is no way on this earth that was acquired honestly, it’s impossible.

In short PW has let others control the game… It’s just dumb…

Still enjoy, I genuinely do, for now…


Pretty spot on from @ducatis above. ^

You mentioned another company acquiring the game… I have seen this idea thrown around in the Pixel Worlds’ Discord, but I wouldn’t bank on it until an official announcement happens.

Community Manager Lokalapsi is expected to return from maternity leave sometime in July, and I expect we may get a clearer picture on the direction of the game and hopefully how the other developers are feeling. Communication is dire for games like this.

i disagree with that, there’s still many players who actually got to an insane number legally thanks to owning worlds that are now incredibly overpriced

half a year ago 3 of 2 letter worlds would cost you 4,5 million, now you’re able to sell them for an entire billion

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Actually dude you are right. I wasn’t considering world values…

That said I still say the origins of 99.9% of the BC buying said worlds is from illegal means

I wonder if @VeryFast is reading this :thinking:

A lady who has made some right odd decisions in the past and also not afraid to stand by whatever she decides… I wonder if she even knows what state the game is in rn…

In some ways I fear her return :joy:.
It might be brutal

“I agree with you about the necessity for deterrence and measures that need to be taken. If necessary, sacrifices will be made for the greater good of the game, even if it means that both the guilty and the innocent are judged together. I’ve seen a few games successfully employ this method, albeit not ethically. Some one have mentioned that the community manager is on holiday, but I don’t think the problem is comunitty mannager . It’s more about the loss of drive and ambition among Pixel Worlds’ employees and developers. I think many of your points are valid, brother.”

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