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I have decided to become an indie game dev, my plans are 2d, not a big fan of 3d.

I quit pw like around 1-2 years ago, but that would give u an idea that pw was part of my childhood. I also played Terraria, and minecraft (a lil). I also played fps and racing, and clash games, but I spent at least 3 years on pw. Which is why I got inspired to make 2d pixel-art games.

You see I have no experience, i can make good art (pixel), i can make a simple 2d (SINGLEPLAYER) game (in Unity3D).

But I was wondering if any of the game devs here had some spare time for some advice.
How did u guys learn? Where did you guys start? Any really good channels on the internet to get some tutorials? The questions go on forever…

I am also very confused on how online games are built, especially pw, u guys said in a vid that most stuff take place on a server. Does that mean ill need a program other than unity to program the server? Do i need to learn Networking?

I thought might as well get some help from a community I lived with for 3 years. So please if anyone with experience, id really appreciate your time.

You might say I can find all these answers on the internet, but I think that everything on the internet sounds very general and vague… I cant seem to find answers that satisfy my curiosity.

Not sure am allowed to ping admins, ill try @EndlesS @MidnightWalker

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No one said I want to get imployed in kukouri. I want to become and indie game dev.

My man, I simply said I can make basic stuff, but cant go farther than that… no idea what makes u think i want to become a mod or designer for pw…

Also since I actually don’t know what the situation is, so… this is my last reply on this thread

So you want to design the game?
It needs alot of work you have to do

And how old are you?

Pixel worlds is not the only Indie game in the world my guy

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“Age is just a number”



programming isnt something you can learn from internet or get advice from any programmer, yes you can learn the basics of programming but not in advanced, that means you need to find some programming school or anything like that.

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@Fazeus One hundred percent true.


Thats actually completely wrong… Wonder if u have any knowledge about this stuff but tons and tons and tons of indie game devs are completely self taught from the internet, and what helped more is joining a community that would give them advice on how to start and skip mistakes the other devs did…

You too, make some research instead of saying nonsense.

I already finished the game design with my cousin, all whats left is putting it to action.

You just can’t get a certificate if you learn by yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

yes, i know that some game devs are self thaught, but you cant learn EVERYTHING from internet, you cant learn to be proffesional programmer just from internet, world would be filled with programmers if it could be that easy. and as @Duke already said, you cant certificate by learning it only by yourself, you still need some real life practicing and test programs, you cant learn how to make 2d MMO game from youtube… or any other website wich will not be always accurate and help you solve your problem

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you may not be able to find a solution to some of the problems.


Indie devs dont need a certificate :slightly_smiling_face:

The concept of programming, is to use ur brain. Tell me something that I cant find an answer for on the internet.

What limits the number of programmers isnt “you cant learn to be proffesional programmer just from internet, world would be filled with programmers if it could be that easy”

Its simply because only few people have the patience to learn and achieve something.

Even if you find everything on the internet, it is still not easy…

If you say so, the ways of becoming a billionaire are infinite, we still havent discovered all of them yet. But the ONLY reason not everyone is a billionaire is because ONLY few are able to use their brains and endure the hardwork for them to reach their goal…

It is really pointless to argue with people who dont know their facts, ill only reply to messages related to my original post, and that actually help me.

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i am not tring to argue, just sharing my opinion about this topic, if you think you are enough good to become programmer only learning from internet, go for it, ill wait to see what’s the game you are programming, hopefully it’ll be good game.


You can learn some programming via internet, but it can be hard. Yes, you have to be determined to achieve something