Game freezes if i chat too long

When ive just began playing the game, i downloaded the pixel world app in my own microsoft store.

ive never chatted since day 3 of my journey. when im helping a player where the nether exit is, but after typing. the game froze off for no reason.
i just said ‘’ the exit’s northwest, see ya ‘’

was going to exit to my first nether, but ended up frozing my pc because of talking.
this is the reason why im playing the game to steam, but steam annoys me sometimes because pw pops up longer than the app usual.

any way to fix it? i want to play the game in-app and not in steam.

thanks :v:

The Microsoft Store of PW is usually neglected, there are a bunch of bugs there. Maybe they’ll one they stop neglecting it and start fixing the Ms. Store version…

They will fix the bugs, just make a detailed description of it and steps on how to replicate it.

What is this supposed to mean?
Did the game freeze, what kind of freeze was it?
Or is it whole computer went frozen, you had to shut down the whole computer?

if i chat, the entire game freezes.
all i did is chat like around 2-6+ times, then the game frozed,

yea, only the game frozed after a period of time chatting with ppl. only a game freeze, my pc didnt lag or so.

no, i had to quit off the game and replay the game. what a waste of nether scroll.

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Fishing often breaks when I type while fishing, need to restart game or wait for a strike to fix it

This bug Will fix itself and if not it’s Either Your internet or a router issue
From leo

it dosent show off the disconnection sign