Game is broken

Like I said in the previous topic , I opened 270k+ gems on st.patrick booster and got only 1 legendary , turtle head.
Now , I opened 3 sci-fi boosters , only 1500 gems , and get the legendary?

Yet I open 270k on st.patrick and I get none?
I don’t think the boosters are based on luck rn.

I think is has to do with the amount of items you can get in the saint patricks day booster. There is alot more items in the saint patricks booster. Which statistically speaking, It lowers the odds because there more items. which means there’s more outcomes. This is assuming Drop of of a legendary was not changed.

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In xmas , 120k gems and I had almost all the legendaries , only ice queen staff was missing.
270k gems and only 1 legndary , turtle cap?
It feels like the other legendaries are unobtainable.

In my opinion it’s pretty weird how u got only 1 legendary :thinking:

Getting a legendary item from booster is not guaranteed no matter how much gems you spend. You were just unlucky probably.


I would recommend to not project the success rate of getting legendary items from one booster to another as it does have a luck aspect on it. There are people who are able to get legendary items even a few times in a row while others spend hundreds of thousands of gems yet receive only pretty common stuff.

Disappointment that the outcome did not meet your expectations is what made you to come to this conclusion.

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270k gems —> 270000 : 800 = 337 boosters
337 boosters = 337x3 = 1011 items
from 1011 items , there should be atleast 3 legendaries out of 1011.
Just saying.

No idea where you’re getting the “at least 3 legendaries from”. The % chance of getting a legendary item is of course lower than the % chance of getting any of the other items. Since these figures are not publicly available to us, it’s impossible to accurately calculate how many legendaries you should or should not have got. If you’re not already using it, I suggest the Increased chance of legendary items perk.

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As I said, no matter how much gems you spend.

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It’s all about luck. It’s a hit or miss thing. There is no set formula or something that grants you rare or legendary items after x amount of draws. Calling it “broken” game just because you wasted so much without even realizing in this speaks a lot about your intelligence.

It’s all about luck…
Literally there is no explanation other than RNG.

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