Over the past 1 and a half years ive had this mini game world called gamesofpw! you can play these at anytime. However i have ran out of room to showcase my mini games so ive made a second world called gameofpw2! Just like the first world you can play these at anytime you like!

Mini games

Death Room
Many of people have been asking me to make a mini game that uses sensors. So this is a true or false inspired game! choose a side one side will kill you one wont play as long untill you die! after you die just wait a min to start the game again!

Other Information: This game is a signal or multiplayer game

Death Duel
So this is inspired by commander_k’s duel world so similar set up. However i try to keep these game unique as possible! so the twist here is theres safe zones. Most world with safe zones players will camp so fire traps will kill you if you camp for too long!

Other Information: This game is multiplayer game, This game can start without 2 players unlike showdown or parkour race

Gravity race
its inspired by

Its playable now keep in mind
you play by moving around with the weirdness of deflectors! try to make to the end first!

Other Information: This game is a signal or multiplayer game, This is one of the few games that gives a prize!

2 times a month i do tournaments usually they give out wls! This is a gamesofpw world so there will be tournaments here! Next tournament will be in this world Gamesofpw Tournaments

anyways thanks for reading this and have fun! this world will get more mini games over time! theres 10 mini games in gamesofpw! Also the Lantern Light (From gamesofpw) prize is now spectrum hair

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