Gaster Blaster Pet (Work in Progress)

pixil-frame-0 (16)
Note : Still ugly, I know

Gif (Unfinished)

imagine if this is a new headgear.

It would look cursed, saddly. But dragon mask is good idea…

it would be very cursed if this is a familiar whos head is floating

The third cursed image (Idk why it always gets darker)

It’s supposed to look like

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O.o a reference item, looks cool. I am not sure about the size though, like are pets supposed to be like that huge, I don’t think so.

Familiars doesn’t have that much pixels in it, they do have like 16×16 pixels maximum I think, but I’m not sure.

Looks nice, but as other users have mentioned, it’s too big to be a PW item, though a nice artwork in its own.

Sans appears* (20 characters)

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