Gave a newbie his dream item... 100% not clickbait!

Next episode should be donating this random kid named EkoKaos10 a few hundred thousand, no reason he’s not my main account or anything

Weren’t these Saygo’s wings in the first place? :sweat_smile:


They were technically mine at default. I won the wings by way of third round TicTacToe and later on gave them back because I felt bad and didn’t want the wings to get confiscated.

I think deceiving people into lending you an item for a moment that you don’t want to give back and a moderator has to tell you that you 1. give it back or 2. it’s going to be confiscated, pretty much means the item wasn’t your property :sweat_smile:

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Why would it get confiscated if it’s truly yours in the first place? Any proof for winning the ttt?

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Are you aiming that clown face at yourself? because otherwise it shouldnt be there.

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wtf, saygo?! He got a dsb and a collection bru


Ok, so is this emoji better? :nerd_face:.

Nah, he doesn’t lol. He’s not that rich.

But you said you recorded it? :sweat:
Saygo recorded his side of the story and uploaded it

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Ah yes the newbie holding a 90k byte coin giveaway.


Oooohhh if they already have everything logged, then why would they confiscate it? You just won the ttt according to your statement. Quite contradicting and confusing at the same time.

Saygo kinda not newbye tho…