George jetson

the birthday date changed to that, it was 31st july 2022 before it was changed to c. 2022
i think he borned yesterday lol (i found that on youtube randomly)



Very suspicious indeed…

I found it, this was the previous date.
Coming soon…

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Who in the world is that guy and why is he born in the future??

Some character from a series animation like 12 years ago or something maybe

yea you just missed the joke. it fly off like ‘whooosh’ next to you

Omg pun?!!!???!?! George "jet"son and jets fly omg whoosh = fly omg omg very pun very pun.
OK Imma stop being cringy now :wink:

tellcode i must say that you are my best friend in the forums xd you are reliable funny and not cringe.

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When the impostorosrs is sus