Ghost Hack

something called ghost hack came to the game. When something is dropped into every world, hackers get it. If Jake or the mods want, can he remove this hack? It would be great if it was removed because I can’t sell items in the world anymore and got a 10pl scam Hacks like this are increasing and the game will become unplayable with these hacks.

I translated this text from translation. I apologize if there are typos.

Ghost hack existed since 2017, it came back to people last year, saddly. I think If development can disable this they could already have removed it, or they are working for it, ask @Dev

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Yeah I would love if the devs could stop this it’s getting really annoying there are tons of ghost hackers

It would be great if they could finally remove it, but I recommend watching videos of hackers using it, so you can see how you are able to avoid it - they are often shown to be hitting in the air when the ghost hack has been enabled, and they can’t teleport, only make it look like they are staying still in 1 space, when really they are moving around.

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