Ghost2130's Ultimate Gem Calculator!

i made a gem calculator:
whats different from other gem calculators?
its the exact same but!
you can calculate how much bc your gems worth!!!
unlike others which calculate rate as 1bc 10 gems there is no one rate, you decide the rate!
i thought of this feature after seeing mgems rised from 1.8 rate to 1.3 .-.


press green flag to restart

choose what type of mgem you want to calculate

press the size and write how much you have

if you want to know how much it worths in bc just press the yellow button and write the rate and there it is!

please write the two zeros when you write the rate!


(do this) rate: 1700/250

(dont do this) rate: 1.7/250


POV: you use scratch

But nice tho, can you tell me your scratch profile?

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you use scratch for 2 years already???
im not even a single year using scratch
yeah 3 more weeks and my acc is 1 year old

btw heres mine

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thats pretty nice! congrats on your first year!

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it seems like 4 months later i am gonna be 3 years of scratcher

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You are the second person i found in this forum that using scratch tho


ye and its hard to use

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its easiest coding engine tho xd

Could you make it work on mobile as an app?
With like non-compulsory ads that you can watch to support you?

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ofc. not with ads though i need to pay to add ads .-.

i am working on it rn btw

done! i made it for mobile you can download it from the same page!!!

Oh nice, but the ui seems very dirty and unorganized, if I had my computer I could’ve done something 'bout it lmao.

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its a beta gui is ofc bad i am going to improve it

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thanks ill use this later on

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no, i thank you for using it :slight_smile:


bumping to say i made a trailer why you should use GUC rather than other calculators.
save half of your time wasting to calculate and use GUC

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I think it would’ve been better if you coded in the calculator in c++, I have a beginners experience though. I can still handle variables and other stuff.

c++? no ty, javascript maybe