Ghosts in PW?

Today I was chilling in my world as usual and GMing a little game where if your account is older than mine you win a prize. After a few GMs I stopped and there was a few people left there only when the Metal Trapdoors I have in my world started randomly opening and closing really fast.

We then turned it into a game and started speaking to this “ghost”, but the thing is, it actually communicated to us. I said something along the lines of “Ghost if you can understand us, open these Trapdoors for 3 seconds” and the Trapdoors did exactly what I said.

Now what do you think, was it a hacker trolling or are there really Ghosts in PW now that we are getting close to Halloween?

Surely a mod, admin in invisible mod or… maybe your game is haunted :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

It seems like a weird ability for them to have though to randomly spam open Trapdoors.

Trust me… you shouldn’t underestimate them… halloween is comming and jake last year said “ahhhhh i wish we could have jumpscares” soo he and the devs surely preparing scary stuff behind the scenes

sadly that’s not the case. this was done by these so called “cheaters” who use a now public source cheat for attention

Yea Dev should fix these hacks and the gems n items guessing client (hack)

there’s no such thing as item guessing cheat but i’m with you on this one.

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Well it could be a friend who wired the trapdoors to a pressure plate or smth

maybe jake was recording another troll video for halloween or something

Only I have access there. Its weird because someone was definitely activating them because I asked questions and got responses from the Trapdoors, as weird as it sounds.