Giant Bat Raid

Count Giant Bats in this picture. I panicked when this happened, i’m still shocked.


Good lord this is terrifying

Didja kill them all?

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I think i did. I started smashing every possible button i could to kill these filthy animals. Thank you for asking, Nexed!

It’s not too bad, you just have to think fast, you can kill them while escaping. But it is terrifying indeed.

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The first thing i could’ve think of was my mom. Not that my mom looks like them, but i wanted to get help from her.

i also got a lotta bats lol

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Bats are the easiest monster to deal with. I could take all those on and not take more than one or two damage.

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Just your casual run in MINEWORLD :man_shrugging:
(Yes, that’s 5 rocky horrors)

Wow, I’ve never even seen 4 at one screen at the same time, and this is only 7x7…

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I don’t care. I got terrified and started to cry. Stop flexing here, Ephus!

Dang man, I had that once but with fartmans (those green gas guys)
It was torture.

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wtf man lol really bad situation

I didn’t intend to flex, sorry. I am a complete noob in every other aspect of the game other than mining.

just get heavy hitter lmao
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The monsters in the mines are using the power of the teamwork.

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