Gimme music ideas

I’m looking to do more Pixel Worlds Unofficial Soundtracks, so I need some ideas if you guys would like to help out.
All you need to do is think of something in Pixel Worlds that you think could use a custom theme song, and I’ll see about doing it.
Of course it takes a while to compose music so it could be even months before I put one out, but still.

Here’s a thread containing every PW Unofficial Soundtrack I’ve made already:
If you think I should update/remake some old songs on that list, lemme know, too!

(Note, this is not a thread for custom song requests, I don’t do music for individual players, mods or admins.)
(Also yeah I know there’s some songs dedicated to Neoslayer in there, but those were for special reasons, and were made on my own without him requesting anything.)

One of the older beta songs but lengthened.