Giveaway sweetheart sword!
Hello guys i’ll be doing sweetheart sword giveaway , all you have to do subscribe and like the video :slight_smile:


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(I won’t be joining)

Advice - Make your viewers happy and never fake your giveaway and you will be successful in the future.

Changed quote due to @Jay’s kindness.


It’s ironic how you criticized him for “doing a giveaway in exchange of forced subscribers” and calling it bad yet you entered anyways.

Prize is prize
No one can argue about that :wink:

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World: ExoSoldier

Gimme the sweetheart sword :flushed:

I’m just advising people not do to it but with hard work, Sorry.

It is still ironic either way. If you’re going to enter, you shouldn’t have criticized the person in the first place if you’re also going to enter his giveaway. That just defeats the purpose of your advice.

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Faking my giveaways? do you even know me? that swords price isnt that much for me, i wont mind giving away it.

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Read the unedited one

World: Fazeus
I hope its not fake, need it for my videos and stuff:v

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how lol im ignorant at these things

Imagine making a clickbait title

Youtubers can’t see everyone who has liked a video.
And they can’t see everyone who has subscribed to them.
So idk how you gonna hold a fair giveaway based off of that.

But anyways nice video concept. I think it’s fun to open those chests

The quote wasn’t intended to make you feel bad, I was telling it in a kind way. Edited that before because I was a bit too far, never heard of you before and I’ve thinked there’s chances of just giving away for subs. Sorry about it, I must search before typing now.

well i need them XD for youtube also like fazeus said ;p

it has a ‘?’ sign at the end haha

When i eeach 500 subs , i’ll make a video that people will write their in game name and their world(with donation box) so i can choose random from comments with a comment picker app

But you don’t even need to mention it if you didn’t get one. Saying that just attracts viewers expecting you to get what you said in the title. Aka clickbait

Shawn, as a youtuber myself, YES youtubers can see their subscribers if they make it public, yet liking is not visible

  • My youtube channel is pretty underated :frowning: , I usually do 1 month per video, but still got just 30 subs