Giveaway Winners (12/9/20-12/16/20)

Welcome to this thread, I am here to announce the winners who have participated in my forums giveaway.

Link to giveaway: First Ever, Forums Giveaway! Hosted by Artling

The winners have been chosen carefully. There were a total of “15” participants who has told us about THEIR stories and thoughts about the game.

Let me remind you about the prizes:
1st Winner - Golden Wings + 10 World Locks.
2nd Winner - 25 World Locks.
3rd Winner - 15 World Locks.
Compensation to rest of the participants - 2 World Locks.

Here’s a Video Link about me giving away the rewards:

The FIRST place goes to…

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@guTz and his response was:
“I joined PW in early 2017, I played mostly on my phone, with my cousin. We would meet up
and play. He doesn’t play regulary anymore, just when I ask him to. In 2018 he got ALOT better than
me,so started farming nether a lot, so I can be better then him, at one point I was about to
quit PW, because my cousin stopped palying, and I didn’t had motivation too play the game.
But I still couldn’t leave my favorite game, so I didn’t stop playing. But one day I got really bored,
so I started playing CS:GO and stopped playing PW completely.
Until one day in late 2018, around christmas time, I had a sleepover at my cousin’s house, and we
remebered how fun it was to paly, so we played PW ALL NIGHT LONG. After that sleepover I
downloaded the game on my PC.
After that I had a lot of pauses, but I would always come back. Now I have everything I need,
everything that I would want - I would know how much time would I need to spend on it
farming/fishing and etc. I still play PW on my PC almost everyday. I love this game and it
will always be in my mind, when I’am sad/bored.
I have friends in this game, that I don’t want to leave them, and I enjoy this game so so much,
I don’t think I could ever leave it. I got scammed many times - if we would calculate how
much it would be around 9-10 platinum locks. But I don’t care about it. I just liek the game
even though iam not rich at all.
My favorite update this year was probably the flying mounts one, even though I don’t play
it often, I still like it a lot, the mounts are a bit overpowered in my opinion, cause after some
time lots of people will get the mounts, and it has infinity flying. But I still like the new items,
the new jet race minigame so I would think this one in 2020 is my favorite.
My least fave update this year is probably the black tower, I don’t know why, just didn’t win
anything great - only a brain hat, that is a part of my set. I like the black tower a lot, but I
didn’t get anything good over these years, all though - spent like 100k gems. But I really
couldn’t say an update that I didn’t like in 2020.
In 2021 in PW I’am really hoping that the army update will come, cause it looks REALLY cool,
and as always I’am waiting for the summer update, because they are really fun to me.”

My Response: I believe it would be really fun to play Pixel Worlds with one of our family members!
Unfortunately, none of my family members find Sandbox games interesting. Knowing that
you have enjoyed playing the game with your cousin seems so much fun. We’ve all been there at
one point, taking a break with other games due to old content and waiting for newer ones. I
feel you when you have mentioned that you play Pixel Worlds to cope with boredom. It is
nice that we have actually get to meet different people from around the world. Some are really good
people, and some are toxic. Still, it is nice to make friends online.
I agree that the flying mounts are too overpowered because of its infinite flight ability, but the devs
have added the mount-bot for a reason! Because of that, I would say it’s balanced since it will take a
lot of gems and time to purchase your very own mount as well. Really nice idea about the Army update, I also think it would be awesome if it ever comes.

The SECOND place goes to…

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@fyn and his response was:
“Well, I joined Pixel Worlds, along with the original forums in 2017. Back then, I hated the game, for being similar to Growtopia… 2019 rolled around, and I was starting to get sick of Growtopia, and the way it was being handled by Ubisoft, from the monetisation, to the lack of respect for their community, and the community itself. This lead to me quitting the game, I trashed all of my untradeable items, and anything valuable, I gave away to the community. Because I no longer played Growtopia, I started to look for a new game to sink some time into, and I remembered Pixel Worlds. At the time, I hated the thought of turning to the game, but I did so anyway, and I really started to love it. From there, I remembered the forums existed, so Istarted to get involved there too. Since the original forums got closed, I’ve just been waiting for this one to surface, and it finally has,
which takes us to today.
Moving onto the events, this year, the Summer event was my favourite. I played the game a lot, due
to being in lockdown, and I made a ton of friends, smashing ice cream carts and hanging out with mates, it was a really fun time. It’s probably also tied with the St. Patrick’s update, as I had a similar experience with that too. My least favourite update of this year however, would have to be the pets update. They require far too much care, and I’m pretty inconsistent at signing in, which made it difficult to care for them, although I wanted to make the most of the update.
In 2021, I’m hoping for lots of cool quality-of-life updates, along with a crossbreeding update, bringing tons of affordable, but aesthetically nice blocks into the game. I also want to see the new forums flourish, and become a great place for the community.
Finally, the impact the game has had on my life. I’ve made some pretty good friends through Pixel Worlds, and it has helped me stay entertained after college, along with pulling me through lockdown, as I said previously. Jake, and several Pixel Worlds creators have also given me many hours of great content to watch.”

My Response: For some reason, I also didn’t feel welcomed in the game as well when the new company took over. It was a great game back then and I made a lots of cool people. When people talked about Portal Worlds back then, I immediately got hooked with its graphics and content. Fast forward to the game changing it’s name to Pixel Worlds, I’ve continued loving the game because of the community and I’ve felt welcomed. You’re always welcomed in Pixel Worlds. I agree about your thoughts on the pets update, they require too much care! However, it was a unique update ever since it came out. Think of it like taking care of your pets in real life everyday. I’m glad that our pets couldn’t even die ingame. I really love your thoughts on 2021! New blocks for building, and the community growing in the forums, that’d be exciting. I’ve been focusing on college as well, and I haven’t been too active in the game recently. Usually, all I do is watch Jake’s YouTube videos and it has already made me feel like playing the game keeping me entertained. Hopefully the lockdown wouldn’t last the whole
year in 2021. It has affected everyone emotionally and physically, so stay strong. We got this!

The THIRD place goes too…

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@Death and his response was:
“I started off playing pixels worlds when I was going through a very rough time in my life I was a freshman in high school just turned 16 years old or maybe i was 15 I can’t really remember it was a long time ago, and I was going through a lot of hardship with my family my brothers had moved out because my mom had issues with drugs and I was neglected and abused and I wasn’t taken care of properly and I used pixel worlds as a coping method to escape the sad reality that I used to live in. Pixel Worlds gave me the opportunity to be whoever I wanted to be inside of a community, I met new friends over the internet, I made mistakes, I made enemies, I learned life lessons that I will never forget. I had my rises and my falls of fame and fortune and mishap throughout the game. Goals that I tirelessly worked towards no matter how many times I was set back or failed. After all of this time with the community I am still here now an adult living on my own with new everyday struggles and challenges to overcome and Pixel Worlds is right here with me. I remember a time in
2017 when I was taken from my family because my mother had gotten arrested I was lost and depressed and didn’t know what to do. Wierd enough to say I had virtual friends who were there for me and gave me advice and shared their own stories with me and helped me and motivated me to keep pushing forward. Most of these friends have quit and the few that are still around are my best friends. I even left the game for a while to join the United States Marine Corps “The World’s Finest Fighting Force” i achieved this goal and earned my title United States Marine, and I will forever hold this, my dreams to fulfill a military career were shortly ended when I was blown up by an IED (improvised explosive device) known otherwise as a roadside bomb. I had injured my back and needed to be medically separated from the military. When I had come home I struggled and didn’t know what to do with myself, I decided to download the game again and sure enough my friends were there for
me to support me along the way. I am forever grateful for the people I met and the friends I have made in this game. I will happily continue to play this game until its end. - Snipey”

My Response: I’m glad to hear that Pixel Worlds is a place for you to open up with others and be yourself. It’s fascinating how we all grow up playing video games that could help shape our true personalities. We all have our own problems and challenges that we face, and we fight for it. You’re a strong man, and it is really nice to hear that you were able to make good friends in the game. I believe you will eventually find a something that will truly make you happy in your future. You’re always welcomed in Pixel Worlds, and hopefully you’ll make many more friends.

Compensation Rewards will be shown in the video. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for participating in my first ever forums giveaway. Everyone had many great thoughts about Pixel Worlds and how it has impacted their lives. To the people who didn’t win, cheer up! I believe many good things will come to you in the future. “Maybe” I might be hosting more giveaways in the future.

That said, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

(To @Tyler & @Dino, one is missing a Dono Box, and one has a Full Box.)


Totally forgot abt dbox lol

Congrats to the winners doe

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NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY NO WAYY AHHHHHH!!! YOOO THANK YOU SOSOSOSO MUCHHH! I really never tought I could win tis but here I am! And again, guys don’t forget to thank mister Artling, hes a real pr0 for doing these big giveaways. I’am not saying that because I won. Thank you Artling so much, marry christmas!!
happy meow:’)


This is a great idea, you’ve had. :+1:

Congratulations to all the winners! :partying_face:


And thank you Artling for making a response to my story. It was fun to find simular and non-simular minds.

happy thankful meow.

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Thank you for the 2 world locks!


Thank you dude, much appreciated!

(Just finished reading the response, was really nice to read. Thanks for the positive words. :v:)


Wow, I won. :baby:t4:


Aw u forgot about my 2wl :frowning:
Just realised that he posted this 18h ago while I posted mine 12h ago yet I never knew he ended or not the giveaways, sucks to participate in a giveaway late.
Hate the feeling of missing a giveaway because I could have atleast won the 2wls but I missed it.
Hate the time zones.

Do u make more soon?
Good idea btw

Why didn’t u said that u finished the giveaway before I was writing that much like cmon man u didn’t even said anything and I wrote that long~paragraph of 10min of text :confused:

It was clearly stated that the giveaway winners will be announced on 16th of december

Yeah but what hour? My post was done on 16th December :slight_smile: ,

the deadline was 16th. btw timelines know? ambye for u it was december 16th 11am, but for other people its mabye dec 16 11PM! so yeah

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