Giving coal to people for xmas is unnecessarily cruel

I think that all people should get the full prize, regardless of their account status.

One coal block is worth like 1 lock token (worthless), and it is also crossbreedable.

The xmas prize is worth like 1WL, and it isn’t crossbreedable.

So please, stop being so cruel to users that care about PW enough to play it on xmas.

well if the dude was a good person he wouldn’t get warned/banned therefor he will get the scarf
stop being naughty smh

Bro, all of xmas calendar prizes never go above 1k bc, its literally so cheap some people that got coal dont just cry about it like a little baby and buy it from PWE. Stop being such a crybaby, holy sh*t…

did anyone actually get coal? wtf
I’m so confused rn lol

“Happy holidays, enjoy your coal as you’ve been a piece of crap”

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The developers don’t appreciate it when you break the rules of the game, so they give you coal as a punishment. Where’s the problem?


It was only a few hour ban for swearing in front of a moderator.

You still deserved it, stop crying like a little baby and go buy the goddamn scarf from pwe already

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santa is giving a good item to good players, but bad item to naughty players

“let me waste world locks on something that was given for free”

just make an alt then

What’s this? @Ondrashek06
You could say that you asked for a punishment, therefore technically asking to get coal, naughty head.


and this man is complaining about getting coal for christmas


had balls and no balls at the same time

Mostly no balls

So this whole time, Ondrashek actually wanted to get banned?
No wonder he’s banned on every other random website you can think of


@Ondrashek06 thoughts?

No, I do not want to get banned…

It is part of the tradition to encourage better behavior. In PW it has more of a sentimental value. If you wish to get something better instead of coal, improve your behavior around other people next year.

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Plees give me yo coal so i can sink the Netherlands :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: