Gm phishing sollution

What if the developers solved the gm phishing by ip blocking the scammer/hacker , if that person ip is blocked they obviously cannot advertise in-game?Removing a banned account on a computer is too easy as far as I know

VPNs. You can easily change Your IP address. My network router even lets me change my IP Address at will, easily. Though I haven’t gotten banned, so that is irrelevant.

True but the way I have just suggested is not at all inconvenient

You can change your IP in seconds. You can’t do anything about players wanting to hack/scam other players. They’ll find a way out eventually. This suggestion sounds good on paper, but ingame with alot of hackers using VPNs this becomes irrelevant. Even if you do IP ban them they can just open their VPN app and select a different location, Tada! New IP Address.

How many hackers who devote their lives to hacking a 2d game is willing to buy a vpn? Im guessing not much , so it may not solve the issue as a hole , but it may solve a part of the issue,yk what I mean?

There are free VPNs. I know alot of them. You can easily find alot of them just by searching free vpn on google playstore.

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Fair point , I guess your correct in this argument

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not all vpns are paid, and if they have hacking skills they most likely use them on things outside of pw too so they definitely need to have one

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fair point ,thanks for replying