Good idea for my yt channel?

im gonna start making pixel worlds creepypasta stories (not real just story)
in youtube…

so good idea?

with scary thumbnails…


Gonna make sneak peeks for the first video!

pixil-frame-0 (1)

Note: it not finished yet just little sneak peek

Good idea! I like watchin scary stuff or like that!

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As someone who watches alot of creepypastas and loves scary stuff, this would be a good twist since it has not been done in Pixel Worlds before.

Here are some tips:

Make a twist at the end (make sure it is not predictable)
Make the creepypasta have a motive since most scary entities don’t scare just because
Add scary music
Make it unpredictable
Add elements that would really scare us if it happened to us in real life (such as small spaces, darkness, scary noises etc.)
Make each character as if they can get taken away at any time

There are many more but, these are just the ones I use often