Good idea no cap

20210426_193808 it can give random compliments or the price of bc and the price of the upgrade should be like 10k gems and a sacrifice like kill a 100 players or get 1k bc you understand and Oh and the hands and feet wouldn’t make it so it would look like the normal thing

No I do not understand what you are saying speak English not gibberish lol or just copy paste from Google translate.


I did paste it from there

You did… Emm… Really… because to me it still doesn’t really make sense.

Google translate isn’t very good anyway I suppose

Evolving familiars always require an evolverator after feeding them to lvl 5, idk why do you add weird details like a “sacrifice”, it’s just a familiar.

Also, the BC price changes all the time, devs do not track prizes for them to update it when there’s a slight change.

Yes… lol

Familiars would look really weird with hands and feet :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol nah feeding is for losers lol

Thats why it would be special

Ok… Why does it need to be special


This is impossible, you do know that, right? Even if it is possible, you would need enhanced coding or something (probably), (I’m talking about giving bc price)

Why should it be special? it’s just one of the bunch of VIP daily bonus familiars…

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It isnt hard i know how to code and i did something like that

But with hands and feet

Trust me to give advice about what to do with bc that wouldn’t be completely wrong would be almost impossible as celiacs said

It wouldnt trust me ok

Well… are you suggesting something like… umbrellas have recently been on sale for 8000 bc seize the opportunity and profit or something like…

Bytes are cool earn them by recycling

you just used microsoft paint to scribble on actual art and you call it coding?


Ninja Pickle is the only VIP familiar with evolution

Which makes the Ninja pickle special