Good News for Microsoft Store Users!

Hello there! Most of you must’ve noticed that last night (approx. 14 hrs ago), there was a hot fix released by the developer. Apparently, the long-lasting issue about in-app purchase done within Microsoft Store is finally solved. Take a look at the screenshot below where it now brings a functional pop-up where you will confirm your identity and put in your credit card information instead of showing us “credential error” or some sort.


Is Microsoft version still mega buggy? I tried it once n4 and it had volume problems, UI problems and it was much annoying.

I am using the Microsoft version as of now. Although I am a bit skeptical about how people are just trashing the Microsoft version so much, I haven’t yet tried to do a bunch of stuff like the fishmonger and stuff. That being said, if you’re a dual-monitor user, you’re gonna love Microsoft version since going full screen will not minimize your game when you click on other application in another screen.

Glad to hear it’s working! We weren’t even aware of this issue until very recently. Seems like it only affected some users.


I don’t make purchases, but I’ve been suffering the same Windows Edition bugs for months

I never tried buying something via the Microsoft store, in game. Though I did have issues with buttons (ones you see over portals and such) not stay above them and tend to float off. As well as text sizing issues. Fishing at times messes up. Lost a few fish to that bug.

If you can, use the steam version. I personally have had zero issues using it from its release.

it still says missing information -_-

I highly suggest you update your Windows, Windows Store, reinstall Pixel Worlds Microsoft Edition, restart your PC, and try to run it again. I just double checked it now, and it’s properly functioning.

I really want this to be fixed on Steam version, although not sure if it’s something the devs can even do it themselves. This is the only reason I use windows store version, although in general it doesn’t really make a difference

Did it say this before as well? Are your Microsoft account and the Store app OK? Clearing the app data for the game might help here (this will log you out of the game so make sure you have the recovery email set!).