Goodbye guys

As you might have seen I gave out all my stuff. Blood Halo, Scorcher Mask, my rare worlds, my storages. It just hit me that all these items are pixelated and hold no real value except their power to make me come back and interact with them every day.

It was a great experience, from November 28th 2016 all the way to this day today. Thanks for making this game Kukouri and giving me an interesting experience I won’t forget.

In the past few weeks, even months I lost all passion in PW except building worlds and chatting to people every now and then. I won’t say anything bad about the game but you can probably tell from my posts that I’m not satisfied with the game at the moment and was constantly thinking up ideas to make it more fun.

After giving so much time and support to the game in terms of IAP bought aswell, I only ask the devs to ban my account Prices permanently. @Dev @EndlesS

Cya guys.


Cya man.
Have a good life, saw your giveaway.
Well maybe someday the game changes.
We’ll see.


I do not think the devs ban by request, they only ban if there is a reason to do it.

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Farewell Prices.


Well, it would be a waste of everyones time if I had to go and try do something to get perma banned so I’m hoping they will save time.

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Yes and in this case, the ban is requested from the account owner and the reason here i believe is because he decided to quit the game.

But if @Prices you get banned from the game, i still wonder what they will write as your ban reason… moderation…?


Bye prices, hopefully our wish will come true in another lifetime so our successors can enjoy this game


Yeah, I think it’s gonna be “Moderator”.

Also support once gave me an option to just delete my PW account instead of permanently banning it, maybe you should try that?


Sad to see ya go bro.
May we meet again , some time in the future.

I would have appreciated if you were going to atleast leave something , like a block , perhaps something that had a meaning.
You know I like to have a graveyard of quitted ones in my world , ro-story.

Till then , have a good life.


You’re right, I was hoping the time prices leaves he’d leave a mark on PW. If he leaves this anticlimactically, not even something to remember him by, there won’t be any change.


It’s sad to see yet another active member of the community go, but I guess it’s gonna happen to everyone at some point.

Well whatever the case is I hope you find a new passion and can pursue your dreams.

Good luck for the future!


Even though I only known you for a few months, it’s sad to see you go. I also don’t have a real reason to play, other then play cards and play with my family and friends. Have a great life man!


So many people leave, but most of the time it is because they found their purpose in life or passion, good luck out there


Another person has left…

Farewell prices…

Kukouri needs to make pw fun again.


(Generic response incoming)

Goodbye dude, I wish you good luck in your future


Are you kidding me?
You are leaving without giving me a kiss? :sob::sob::sob:


I’m inactive for like 3 days and when I come back everyones out here quitting… man…

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Sad to see you go, maybe you’ll come back one day, or not.

We all grow up someday lol

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