Got a warning, because?

I reported a world named ALLAHISGAY, cause it was racistic. I received a warning, and its reason was “False Reporting”. Is this some misunderstanding? I hope the warning could be removed from my account.

Because you can clearly see it’s a world confiscated by admins, due to it being owned by EndlesS. Not sure who warned you though.


Wow, I didn’t saw that an admin already owned it. Now I understand why I got the warning. Thanks for explaining.

Maybe you were also warned, because, at least in my opinion, claiming that Allah is gay is not inherently racist.
Depending on who originally owned the world, the owner’s intention might have actually been promoting gay rights by saying Allah is gay, similar as to how some people say [the christian] god is a girl, and not defaming some peoples deity.

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I doubt that anyone would try to promote gay rights by making a world named “allah is gay” in a 2D- videogame. The intention was likely to make fun of people of the religion and/or to trigger them by disrespecting their god, Allah, by calling them “Gay”, since it’s wrong according to Islam. And this was most likely done by a 10-year-old child with no decency. Thinking that the owner was promoting gay rights, is a preposterous form of wishful thinking.

It’s not inherently racist, it’s purely situational.


I agree with @Ephus, the world was definitely not made with good intentions.