Got banned for no reason😂

Me and biwii wanted to troll ppl and started doing gms about selling tw 50m bla bla… and for that i got banned 30 days for hacking?

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Welp contact support and they’ll see.

Mods/admins likely thought you were duping or something

Yeah, that usually happens when you are detected of using hacks previously or on a rare care, maybe by mistake.

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I hope that we can just get warning. We have done so much work for our items. We both know that was stupid thing to do and we are sorry. Hope we can solve this

Lähetetty iPhonesta

It has to be a mistake. I think mods/devs thought we were dupping cuz biwii gmed that he has 400m but he has ss that he has 37k it was just troll what he did. And i think i got banned too bcuz i was minor there

Lähetetty iPhonesta

Yeah, don’t do things like that.
It wastes your and mods’s time.
If you contacted support then you’ll get unbanned, slow but oki.

Yeah, if that’s the case, find out who banned you and appeal for an unban. You can try to email and wait for the best.

Good luck, and please refrain from troll global messages, :+1:.

Yea maybe just try to contact kukouri and pray they will see it and unban your account. Mods sometimes think your doing something bad maybe???

Maybe its all DeVz situation?

whats the joy emoji is used for huh?

The anti-cheat does not include spam detection

O woops.