Got hacked

Hey , i got hacked my account and i need some mod to help me the guy who hacked me just changed my email and password i see his email on my email so maybe he also hacked my email. I have receipts from the last purchase. I msg support but noone answer me … so i would be happy if someone can help i just wanna get my account back idc about items . Thanks :pray:t2:

What was your in game name?

You downloaded some blacktower hacks, huh?

In game name Taktimod[tm]

Nah im not bored i didnt played in black tower

Well… the only way someone guessed your password and in his case, changed it, it’s probably because you shared it somewhere or downloaded sussy softwares or even possibly went on sussy sites (that can explain how the person got access to your email, he probably installed a keylogger on your device by a website or a file that you downloaded)

You remember going on some weird sites recently ? (like weird looking sites like www2.discord or something)

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Im not sure but i remember some fake spotify someone tell me to check his playlist and then when i got into the site i saw weird name like spofy or something like that

welp thats how you got hacked :slightly_smiling_face:

Well… i knew it.
You got keylogged.

Be careful next time with these kind of sites as you can lose more than your in-game account… (such as bank account, email adress and more… basically all your personnal informations.)

Send a email to again and see what are the solutions that can be done.

Fine i got you , thank you very much :pray:t2:

Yes so rip my account anyways idc about the items but you know kinda old account



Damnnnnn bro where he is

Maybe not, unless he entered it somewhere.

@Benben Go to task manager
CLick startup
Then please send me a screenshot of it.

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Im not home right now but when Im on the computer I’ll send it to you brother

i think i saw you in CHAT today, well the account at least

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Yes i saw him like 30 min ago he just run away

30 google chrome tabs… are you one of my teachers?

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The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

That’s why I prefer saying “Their account” instead of “they” in the online world, you never know whether it’s actually them, but you know that it is their account.