Got Milk?

Update: A use for Milk was found, don’t waste any more Milk on any of these theories.

Join the lore hunt!

Help us Lore Hunters or become one yourself!
Currently, lore progress is rather slow. The current focus is the Milk most of you have likely already heard of. We believe the Milk does have a use, it’s just a matter of finding said use and that’s where you come in!
We of course need to obtain Milk first to try using it, but we also need your theories on how/when using it has an effect.

Getting Milk

You can either help us by selling Milk, if you have it, or testing a theory with it yourself. If you want to sell yours, say so.


Other Lore Hunters and I already have a few theories on when it could have an effect. You can see current theories and if they have been tested yet in the list below. If you have a new theory, leave it in a reply to this topic and I will add it to the list. If you have tested if a theory is true or false, let me know as well (with proof), so I can also add that to the list.

Theory Works?
Consume in World with Night Orb Doesn’t Work
Consume in World with Star Orb Unknown
Consume in World with Sphere of Darkness Unknown
Consume while AFK (Sleeping/AFK animation while standing) Unknown
Consume while “sleeping” in a bed-type prop Unknown
Hold in hotbar in World with Star Orb Doesn’t Work
Hold in hotbar while “sleeping” in a bed-type prop Doesn’t Work
Pick up in World with Star Orb Doesn’t Work
Pick up while “sleeping” in a bed-type prop Doesn’t Work
Consume close to Monoliths Unknown
Consume while wearing Light Robe Doesn’t Work
Consume while wearing Light Items Doesn’t Work
Consume in the Netherworld Unknown
Consume in Rift world Doesn’t Work
Consume on a Cookie Block Unknown
Consume in World with Analog Wall Clock Doesn’t Work
Consume in World with Fragments in Display Cases Doesn’t Work

We look forward and are highly appreciative of all your future contributions!
-The Lore Hunters


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Bump: Consume it in rift world does nothing


yes daddy i have milk

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I don’t know if this counts, but,

What happens if you consume milk by a cookie block?

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Oye bruvs

What if you needed to drink it on christmas. Or what if you can use it on cookie block

I’ll do the first one once my dad comes back from grocery store.


My dad came back before yours, not to flex or anything.

He came back the moment I unsubscribed from dream


Im not level 125 :[, im level 100 (Sadge)

Bump: Consume the milk in a black bed do nothing.

In that world, there was fragements displayed, clock placed and night orb.

Serxan who consumed it, had the light robe set equipped with light Clan wings.

He tried to use fragements and flamming shard after.


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