Greek Column?!

Hi, I was wondering…

Why it’s not possible to use wrench on the Greek Column?


It’s kinda silly tbh, cuz every other pillar can be modified.

Its a glitched item

it wasn’t meant to be available for regular players therefore it cannot be wrenched or edited in any way.

cus they are greek

Real answer: Due to it being a glitched item that was leaked throughout the game and they never bothered making other variants for it since it wasn’t intended to be public

wtfdym? Twentywords ocean man gonna take me by the hand lead me to the land that you understand

its glitched + old item, i dont think players was meant to have it

i remember having 2 in my inventory but… I placed them all and forgot where i place it lol

Lol, I’ve never even touched a bugged item.

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I am more confused than an American in a salad bar.

Some props are not meant to be edited. A column should not be side ways. The devs use irl logic for some items.

I recently looked into this as I have 4 trees of it in a world i found a few MTHS back…

Afaik it was from the early days of the game used by a dev in his own world the item was never released but farmable

Long time later it’s WL decayed, world was strip mined allowing the item to make it into the community.

The rest as they say is history…

Thing is do I break 4 trees and try and farm it? Is it enough trees!..

Does anyone know…?

Someone pls tell me…!!!