Green Ogre Ears

Have you ever looked at Shrek and wondered: “Hell, that man is hot as fudge! I wish I looked like Him.”

Cause I sure have! No one radiates such pure attractiveness as He does. There is nothing I would love more than to have even the tiniest bit of the raw sex appeal He holds. So with that I present to you: Green Ogre Ears!

Screenshot (195)

In the lack of pixel art skills, I edited Shrek’s ears on my fellow friend highper (@GreenBoi) whose name PW decided to so kindly glitch out. Now, this is just a rough edit to visualise this beauty to you. I struggled quite a bit on this edit since I am not familiar with the editing tool I used. Thanks to @Neoslayer I eventually managed to get it done. Nothing I wouldn’t do for my Lord and Savior Shrek.

Now, I hope someone on this forum shares the same love I have for Shrek. My ultimate goal is to have Shrek’s ears as a clothing item in-game, but for now I will just share my vision to the fellow forumers, who I feel deserve to see this absolute beauty first.


I have one word to say

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they finally added the hottest item in PW

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Shame on you, Oliver.


haahha sounds pretty awesome!" and it says " GETT OFF MYYY SWAAMMPP!

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Excellent wording, couldn’t have said it better myself.


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Expect a Donkey Pet who did something to a Dragon :joy:

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SomeBODY once told me