Gt or pw?

Growtopia or pixelworlds a big guestion… i’m saying pw cause… pw has better grafiks pw is easier to use pw has more to do than gt tell to me what ur thinking… so gt or pw?


In all honesty, I think PW has better art, so something like building worlds is better in PW but in GT they have more new content. So in the end I still like PW more

Well it’s like this:
Both economies are inflated.
GT inflated by 20k bots everyday breaking chandeliers and destroying the server.
Pw? Its natural here, not as fast as GT just some ups and downs. Since you cant auto farm with a bot.
PW server are dying since the game no longer updates, might close down soon.

GT server slowly but surely making Ubisoft bankrupt, the game updates with lots of contents however, most contents are basically PNG with extra steps. In other words. Low quality, doesn’t fit right.

PW is more grind like players, some stupid beggars but I think thats all. I never seen any toxic experienced player since then.

GT is more trading like players, they mostly trade and talk, the community is very toxic in addition of so much illegal traders. Scammers are probably everywhere while PW still have a chance to trust random people.

PW is clearly superior but its fine since the game is released sooner than GT.

Its very amusing that PW can still manage the game with such team. GT is owned by Ubisoft a multimillion company.

Both games have some unprofessional moderators.


PW is more fun since it has more features.
GT is fun because it has some features PW do not.

Growtopia has a larger player base even when half of it is dominated by Bots .

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guardian tales

pw economy is times worse than gt’s and nah, it is super manipulated and never natural with immense sudden highs and lows

you sure about that? :smile:

you never spent enough time in BUY then

they arent managing it, the same duplication hacks have been going on for months

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Boii I have experience in both games both 4 years.
Yes you can autofarm in GT because My friends ever did make some quick cash. But when they tried to do some dirty tricks in PW it aint workin.
Well, technically you can, at every game however its very ineffective and inefficient. As there are better ways to gain gems. Unlike Growtopia which farming is the only way to gain gems.

I’ve spent hours on buy every week.
I only meet some annoying newbies but thats all.

How can you know PW is more manipulated than GT?

If you play GT for a long time and be a crazy rich dood, you know that popular world wide items are manipulated too there and everyone’s admire it (seller perspective). Took ages to bring it down again.

Im not sure about the dupes and stuff, I’ve heard theres a world dupe or smth. So im giving you a :+1:

Have a :cookie:


ehm so basically…

Growtopia has LOWER graphic and all the game was just about economy and stuff like that, you literally don’t do anything in the game, last time i wasted my money on a fricking rayman lock which actually the worst thing i ever bought, and also growtopia items are pretty cool, but they’re just way too p2w to get. (also don’t forget about to bots in growtopia :] )

Now Pixel worlds, the game is ded, but the graphics are just way better, and way more fun, kinda have a lower level of p2w but, its still a cool game, bots dont really exist on pixel worlds, but the items are way not even looking fun or something like that.

so i prob say they’re pretty equal

agree, it is pretty amazing how couple ppl can manage this size game. pw wont die if they dont let it die. Community just changes old ppl quits and new ppl come. I still have high hopes :sunny:

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PW all day long.

This is actually so true … Imo the player base in PW has really moved on , even geographically!..

The game is not dead to newbies .

They should do more to keep old players going … Have they decided they don’t need to?? The abandoning of a new item for each months daily bonus prize says to me they have … as does no new seed cross breeding for farming, nor graffiti - the list is long, new fish?? New butterflies??

I’m quite intrigued by what’s coming for the St Patrick’s event…

Enjoy :four_leaf_clover:

Animal Crossing

Question unclear. They’re 2 different games with + and - , everyone’s free to play both or none at all.