Guide on who to vote for the best set competition

Yes, this is a joke



Tldr - we should only vote to players who is following the theme, bad set or good set and never vote for people who isn’t following the theme because they are uneducated.

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this is confusion.

Haha, the diagram is interesting yet messy. Like it :joy:

Where can i start to read it


it’s funny because this is literally how i decide. (except for the minishark)

I dont know bro @Nexed_PW , it feels like a flowcharting without a start & end :nerd_face:

You know what, I’ll make another one of another topic or something, and then make it even more confusing.
Also wait you don’t know where the starting point is?

:smile: well we just read it bro @Nexed_PW . anyway You can share more ideas for us to know , anyway cheers bro.

also im waiting for your wraith bane art

Visible confusion with Minishark vibes



I finally understood it after staring at it for a good 10 minutes

uh wheres start lol?