Guides Category

Simple request to add a new category on the forum named Guides or something like that.
Guides are great, and there can be a lot of individual guides about certain parts of the game.
I would love to see someone make a fishing guide about the equipment, but i wouldn’t know where to find it.

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You can just search the word guide

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As orangehairguy said, it is not necessary for a guide category since you can just ask questions or search them. Actually. I really hope they’ll add wotw category soon too!

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I’m not orangeguy I’m orangehairguy :rage:


Sorry, I’ll edit it. It’s just I was going to bed and I didn’t notice I mistyped your name.

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Thanks, but it would still be nice if their names were included and maybe a price. I know prices change, but an estimate would still be nice.

It’s fine I was kinda joking but if you were going to sleep how are you awake now😵‍💫

This was in the old forums, I don’t remember much being posted there. (The old forums where pretty dead though)