Guys i need help!

So, i mined for 5 hrs today, i got 121k gems wich i sold to (Santo -shortly) for 45 wls, so he decided to come back to my world and say that i scammed him selling him 38k instead of 121 110,he also made gm about it lying about me and ruining my reputation. Please help me, idk what to do

if you didn’t scam, just ignore it. if you did scam, well, you’re paying the price.
regardless of whether or not you did or did not scam, just ignore it. replying will only make it worse in my opinion.

As long as you have proof and actually didn’t scam him, I think it’s allright. But seriously tho, people like this are not just annoying, but very hard not to dislike, like Virtouos said

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i did not take any screenshot but if mods look into thesanto s logs they can see how many mgems he got, i dont understand, just use your fame to ruin my profile

If he’s famous why do I never hear of Thesanto???


same , never heard of him


TheSanto is youtuber.

Unironically i was subscribed to him and watched his content until now


  1. He really tried to ruin your reputation
  2. He got hacked
  3. He accidentally dropped/trashed and maybe forgot
  4. You maybe haven’t count it thoroughly?
  5. Idk
  6. He’s a fame abuser
  7. He sucks
  8. He is sus

Oh, I’ve heard a lot about TheSanto. His fame and riches seems to cover up his dirty actions, for Beta seems to have proof that he’s hacking. Nonetheless, he uses his fame to his advantage. Too bad, how people are blinded by words of the rich.


yes, exactly, i dont know about him hacking etc but using his “fame” to ruin someone else`s reputation as a joke is just soo wrong imo.

Uh oh one bad famous person was enough
Now there are two o them! - Album on Imgur

Duel of the Fates starts playing

@GreenX You have a picture of a kind-faced old man as your profile picture.


That was very off topic but ???


yes, i am kind sir. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


I will keep you guys updated about the situation.

Won’t prob happen though, since Freak’s gonna lock this thread eventually. You could hit us up via Discord DMs though.


If you actually are interested of the story then i can update via disc.

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