What should i pick for my investment?

  • Basic Seed Pack/Advanced Seed Pack


  • Lures

my total gems: 320k
the world where ill bsically sell: INB4

thanks in advanced>

If you want to profit a lot then you should definitely invest on some basic seed packs. Do note though that it takes long to open since it gives you 5 seeds per pack, also finding some customers takes long aswell.

But if you want to profit faster, then invest on lure packs; it’s pretty easy to sell since there are tons of fishers on pixel worlds.

I don’t know about advanced seed packs though, never seen anyone selling those on a shop.

i guess ill do lures, and mabye open the first ASPs? :joy:

anywys, thanks.

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If I were you I wouldn’t get the advanced seed pack; no one really buys them.

Also you can’t really do a bsp with 320k gem it’s not enough

nah, dont worry. im doing lures rn. alr got like 500 baits incluing rares and ultra rares