Hack/duplication Suspection

I suspected that somebody duplicates the silver keys in the PWE again and again,It’s been a week that i see it happening,someone is keep putting 5 silver keys for 4099 bytecoins after 30 seconds it’s bought,and it never ends,i’ve bought like 1000 from it and everytime i buy,after 30 seconds or less,it will pop up again for sale,not just 1 slot,3 slots of 5 for 4099 byte coins,i don’t know if it happens with other items,but mods should take a look at this,the game economy probably dies so the game because of BUGS like THAT!,fix the game!!!
(Can’t put images for whatever reason idk)
just check the PWE station and you will see

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Kindly report it inside the game, or send a message to pw support: support@kukouri.com, with the proofs

Mine keys are very popular items in PW, I think it might just be people selling them all the time.

Not really,it only appears after you buy from the person who sells it on 3 slots for 3999 each,then it automatically is on sale after 15-30 seconds,it’s like that 24/7.the game is broken.

Alotta people mine…

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