Hacked accounts and dude who is selling hacked items…

Hello soo there is a 11yo hacker who has hacked lots of players in the past week. One of my friend goldfirelt was hacked too…What should he/we do? Admins are not responding and now random 11yo kido is getting lots of free bc. Hacker is super dumb because he gaved all hacked worlds to his main acc and even left his dc in worlds that hes selling. Sooo like idk. Random dude made like 10mils from hacking and selling hacked players items.

( admins if you’re reading this check inbox :} and if you need more proofs of him hacking pm me :} )

So how come you know so much detail about this so say hacker? Age, boy, etc …

Perhaps @lokalapsi won’t mind a tag …

Hes a lithuanian so we found some info about him + idk if he is reslly 11. I think that he is11 because of how he talks + only the dumbest person would give hacked worlds to his main acc

Was he perhaps that guy that was promoting his “hacks” through global messages?

Yes, execf ( or whatever his snme is) advertises hacks from hacked accounts

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dude , seriously ?
she does not even have admin badge in forums

the only admin is Siskea and she left kukouri :skull:

Wait a minute

Lokalapsi is supposed to be the new community manager . As such would have full admin rights.

This was even said by siskea before leaving…

Other than the Angel wings giveaway i had seen nor heard nothing from her until a brief message somewhere (insta i think) saying she is back from a break and refreshed…

For the record I still don’t believe there is any governance in the game .

The size it is requires multiple mods/admins …

I just don’t get a chance to visit the weekly chat session they do… i miss Retnos post update of it …

On that is Retnos ever coming back?

i was just talking about the forums, on discord and in game she has been admin since her first day in kukouri

Not backing the hacker but he doesn’t sound dumb if he’s able to hack your accounts, take all your items then illegally sell them. I understand that you’re angry but at the same time you shouldn’t have a weak password / put your details into software that would obviously get it stolen, have the same password for different websites / apps as a lot of data breaches happen and hackers can find your password which you use for a different website and ta-da it’s the same password you use for pixel worlds.

Gotta be safe out here, hope you have luck in getting a response back from any mod/admin

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we all know they won’t get a response, if they were dumb enough to get hacked perhaps it’s time to quit and dedicate on something else

She doesn’t work for them anymore she really has left, hasn’t she?

That said like everyone who leaves they all seem to retain full admin …

Seems odd to me, even a little wreckless

What about all those worlds she so famously took last year from the old AlBundy account?

If I’m wrong about her leaving please correct me !.

anyone with knowledge of a little coding can hack

He’s not that dumb! He managed to find out that the hacker is 11 years old and a male.

i was talking about lokalapsi

honestly i don’t see any reason siskea would log back in so they might eventually decay

:thinking: I’ve often wondered if admin rights prevents locks decaying or perhaps something is altered …

There are so many worlds intact that are under admin names … Are they all still playing …? Even the man himself CK! although he does appear from time to time so can’t count him - pixel station is in his name if I recall correctly

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admins locks can decay just like every other lock

Commander_K’s name is shown as the owner in all dynamic worlds but no one actually owns them

Thanks! Btw Im not the one that got hacked… I created this topic to get answers how i could help my friend that got hacked…. + sometimes mods are offline and hacker is just lucky that hes not getting banned.

I saw commander few weeks ago, he was doing giveaway with his alt @santa ( later he changed acc to main)