Hackers and pickaxe

So I’ve just been arguing with an idiot at Pixel Station openly selling a 1M durability pick axe. He openly admitted to running the item through a hack himself ffs.

He would not accept it was wrong so i said trash it and get lost with your scamming

He was adamant mods have no problem with it ?? And allegedly has shown it to …

He said report me , go on …

Err so I did .

Thing is he part convinced me a mod was ok with it!

I know the running of the game is way way different to what it has been in the past … But surely this is a ban?

I wouldn’t doubt that mods have actually let him get away with it, way too many players are doing it and way too many exist in the game already so there is pretty much no point in bothering with it anymore.

dude dont waste your time and energy on something so pointless, the only scam I see here is your time lost

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You can contact Retnos, they are an often online pixel worlds . Com user